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Jason rides the dragon for WGM

Written by Pai Yao

This article first appeared in the Sep/Oct 2011 issue of World Gaming magazine.

In August World Gaming in conjunction with PokerStars Macau held a freeroll poker tournament online for our readers. The prize was a HK$20,000 package which included entry to the Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon main event and hotel accommodation at the luxurious Grand Lisboa in Macau. It was a very successful competition and is the first of many such giveaways and freerolls we intend to run in the future in conjunction with our soon to be launched interactive website.

Jason sporting WGM and PokerStars sponsorship patches

Jason sporting WGM and PokerStars sponsorship patches

Hong Kong player Charles Lam held an overwhelming chip lead going into the heads up stage of the tournament, but his opponent Jason Gemanil, a lawyer from the Philippines, was our eventual winner. Jason took on the field of 478 Red Dragon players, representing WGM in Macau. Not only did he enjoy his trip he also did us proud by making the money and taking home HK$19,100 for his troubles.

We asked Jason when he started playing poker, where he hones his skills back in the Philippines and how he felt about playing in Macau.

“I started playing poker five years ago with my law school classmates after watching an episode of a celebrity poker show. I no longer play home games and usually play at The Metro, which is the biggest card room here.”

“This is definitely my biggest tournament in terms of buy-in, prize pool and prestige. I would have been happy just to play but I realized that this is a rare opportunity and that I must play my best. I have only played in Macau twice and I have finished deep both times. It seems that the atmosphere in Macau suits me and I definitely want to go back.”

Philippines poker has always been one of the strongest in the region and poker legends like Wally Sombero and Neil Arce are well known and feared in every poker room in the world. Jason is one of the growing ranks of poker players from the Philippines that are also starting to make names for themselves in the poker world.

After his trip Jason was kind enough to email us to say, “thanks for the wonderful opportunity to join the World Gaming magazine team. It was more than a tournament package, I really appreciated the warm welcome that you extended.”

Jason all of us here at World Gaming were proud of your performance and we look forward to seeing you make many final tables in the future.