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Reports of 170 kidnaps in Macau damaging to perceptions of the gambling mecca

Written by Andrew W Scott

The news that the number of people kidnapped in Macau has doubled in the first half of 2015 is of huge concern — and not just for those being held against their will.

According to figures released by the Macau government, as many as 170 people were kidnapped and held against their will during the first six months of the year as a result of debts owed to local loan sharks. The prevailing wisdom is that the increase is largely due to the Chinese Central Government’s anti-corruption crackdown limiting the amount of money that can be legally taken out of the mainland.

However, if the Chinese Central Government or the Macau SAR Government are serious about making Macau the diverse tourist destination they want it to be it is also up to them to put an end to this sort of crime.

Perception of safety is everything for any tourism destination and stories like these will only damage Macau’s image moving forward.

If the government is actively addressing this kind of thing that’s great news, but if not it’s time they take immediate action. The Macau they’re striving for depends on it.