Right kind of mix

Vasco Bar and Lounge at Grand Lapa Macau offers a cocktail menu that will take you on a journey around the world.


It takes a great combination to stand out from the crowd but that’s exactly what the bartenders at Grand Lapa’s Vasco Bar and Lounge have managed. Merging a party theme with the adventures of the famous Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama, cocktails are blended with unique flavors from some of the world’s most exciting places such as southern Portugal, Mozambique, Goa in India and of course Macau!

Mixologist Ulric Nijs gives a unique twist to cocktails to quench one’s thirst or simply to provide some comforting relaxation after a long day’s work. Of course, WGM wasted no time tasting the whole menu – turn the page to discover our favorites:


Leaving Home

This Portuguese Algarve Sour is served straight up from brandy and Amarguinha liquor with a pinch of honey, fresh lemon juice and egg foam. These ingredients are intentionally chosen to reflect the start of Vasco Da Gama’s exploration. The Amarguinha provides the primary almond flavor while the brandy gives it strength and power, coming together to create a surprisingly soft and comfortable cocktail.


The Cape of Good Hope

A Natal punch made of grilled pineapple, muddled Johnnie Walker Black, a touch of madeira and lime juice, then shaken and strained over crushed ice with a dash of salt. It is meant to highlight one of South Africa’s most beloved culinary cultures, the Braai, meaning to roast. Served in a pineapple crown, the heavily grilled puree carries a strong aroma and is an ingredient not often used in cocktails. The peat in the Johnnie Walker Black helps to strengthen the smoked feeling.


Maputo Julep

A banana-based liquor with cashew milk, bourbon and a touch of brandy swizzled together. To make it extra cool, it is topped with loads of crushed ice and mint. This drink combines two staples from the Mozambique culture, banana and cashew, turning it into an ice-cold dairy free treat that is reminiscent of Baileys.


Vasco Bar and Lounge
Grand Lapa Macau
Open 15:00 to midnight (Sun to Thu)
15:00 to 02:00 (Fri and Sat)
+853 8793 3831