Golf Sport

Rory McIlroy

Written by James Potter

Sporting champion is a phrase thrown around far too often. Anyone can manage one win or one incredible performance – a true champion is someone who does it time and time again. Rory McIlroy can count himself amongst this elite group. He might have a baby face and curly locks, but this young man from Northern Ireland has cement running through his veins.

Rory has made the transition from the world’s hottest young golfing talent into the game’s top player. He has champion qualities and the belief that he is the best. I was lucky enough to watch his final round in Dubai. After a shaky first hole, which he bogeyed, he was simply awesome! The fact that he birdied the last five holes was forgotten in the moment, as there was a tournament to be won. Justin Rose played a great final round and put pressure on Rory to make ground, but when it mattered most, Rory put his head down and made the shots. It was effortless, mistake-free golf reminiscent of the old Tiger.

Even though Luke Donald is ranked number two behind Rory, Tiger is clearly the second best golfer in the world. Less than ten years ago, the thought of someone even being on the same planet as Tiger was inconceivable. However, Woods now has to fight tooth and nail just to be a shadow of his former self, and with the Irishman to compete against, it’s hard to imagine he’ll ever be the best again. Rory should stand at the top of the sport for the next decade and it will be one hell of a great spectacle to watch!