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Sports administration: getting it right

Written by James Potter

The professional sporting world has a lot to learn from the letter recently published by the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, regarding the importance of safeguarding players’ health and safety.

This letter was sent to everyone registered with the NFL in response to the scandal the sporting association unearthed last year about a team putting ”bounties” on players, a practice whereby athletes were paid cash bonuses to hurt their opponents and put them out of the game.

Mr Goodell pulls no punches as he stresses the importance of the bounty prohibition, and claims the NFL will have zero tolerance for any breach of this rule. He also reiterates that the NFL will be held accountable for any threat to the players’ health and safety, stating ”our players do not make excuses on the field; we will not make them off the field.”

Why is the NFL the only major sporting body that opts for transparency rather than the cloak and dagger tactics employed by other sporting associations? Professional sport is big business which depends upon its fans for its success. Treat fans with the respect they are due and acknowledge their role within the system or this business will eventually falter. Well done Mr Goodell and a big pat on the back to the NFL! I hope you have another wonderful season delivering one of the best sporting products on offer.