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Sundae on Sunday

Written by The Panda

This article first appeared in the May/Jun 2011 issue of World Gaming magazine.

Aux Beaux Arts
MGM Atrium
Tuesday to Friday
14:00 to 00:00
Saturday and Sunday
11:00 to 00:00
+853 8802 2319

Dining is not just about the evening meal. Breakfast and lunch are also times to immerse oneself in the myriad of culinary delights the world has to offer. Being a slow and sleepy creature by nature, this particular Panda enjoys what is known in the trade as ‘brunch’. Brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch and is usually eaten somewhere between 10:30am and midday.

Strawberry and Marshmallow

Strawberry and Marshmallow

Sunday morning brunch is somewhat of a tradition for me. Generally speaking Saturday night is the signal for a few more beverages than normal and a late bedtime. This means I drag myself out of bed hungry and in need of a hot drink and a full belly of comfort food. I usually go to one of my favourite dim sum haunts to wash down a dozen or so slippery dumplings with a hot cup of tea. But Macau is a destination that allows you to step outside of your normal culinary safety zone.

Recently on one such morning I found myself wandering the MGM Atrium with the Dragon and the Tiger who were also in desperate need of sustenance. The MGM Atrium is one of those calming places and on a Sunday it is usually not too busy or noisy. We scanned the restaurants and cafés on offer and decided to try Aux Beaux Arts.

The restaurant is themed as a 1930s French brasserie and is better known for its high teas and evening brasserie fare, especially its seafood. But we were here for brunch! First we ordered hot and strong coffee which came quickly – so we were off to a good start. Eggs benedict are always a testing ground for any brunch experience. If this dish is done well it is exceptional but it is very easy to do badly. I was pleasantly surprised at the wonderful presentation and taste of this dish. My only quibble was that I could have eaten at least one more serving! My dining partners were equally happy with their omelettes and other egg-based fare.

Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche

After some fresh juice and another coffee I was feeling like a new bear and I was ready for more. I toyed with the idea of some more eggs but my attention was averted by an impressive array of gourmet sundaes. Ice cream is surely one of man’s greatest creations and for me a quality sundae is worth travelling a great distance for. These sundaes were not your regular two scoops of ice cream with cream and nuts; these were pieces of artwork. From Japanese inspired creations (Tokyo Samurai) featuring green tea and sesame flavours, to tropical fruit wonders (Bangkok Cooler) and decadent caramel creations (Dulce de Leche), there was something for everyone. Each of us ordered a different delight so we could share in their majesty together.

After one final cup of coffee it was all we could do to extricate ourselves from our chairs and amble out the door. With a sundae like that under your belt life can look mighty pleasant and we were three very satisfied customers.