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Super Bowl wrap and weekend preview

Written by James Potter

Anyone who doubts the greatness of American football should watch a replay of this year’s Super Bowl. American football is a sport purist’s dream. The complexity of the game makes it totally addictive and one of the best games to bet on. This year’s Super Bowl was hyped up for a myriad of reasons and it didn’t let us down. We lost the total points scored bet, but those of you who followed my suggestion to bet on the Ravens at the start of the playoffs will be singing all the way to the bank. The Ravens at the head to head also paid out a whopping $2.70!

The Baltimore Ravens are the champions and Ray Lewis goes out on top! Joe Flacco has entered the elite group of quarterbacks in the NFL who possess an MVP award from the Super Bowl, and for the time being John is one up on his brother Jim in the coaching ranks.

The 49ers running back Frank Gore believes the best team did not win. Some critics are calling this sour grapes but I reckon it’s a fair assessment. The 49ers are a better team but I think their inexperience let them down. Kaepernick is going to be a superstar, but this time he had an average first half and looked like he had only started in 10 games. They made some crucial turnovers and I can’t understand how their defense allowed Flacco to have so much time in the pocket. The pass rush was pretty much nonexistent, and as I said before the game, I thought this was the key to their success and it proved to be the vital factor. The best team might not have won but the better team, which made fewer mistakes, came away with a deserved win. What a game!

I will now have to suffer NFL withdrawal for the next eight months, but there are plenty of sports to enjoy this weekend to help me come to terms with my addiction. The golf from Pebble Beach should be a highlight with another impressive field lining up. There’s plenty of cricket on offer and as always, NBA fans won’t be disappointed.

The relegation race in the EPL is also starting to become very interesting. We might see that some of the more compelling games in the competition feature teams on the bottom half of the ladder. At the top, Manchester United appear to be too good and it’s hard to see how City are going to bridge the gap.

Good luck and good punting.