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Written by Pai Yao

This article first appeared in the May/Jun 2013 issue of World Gaming magazine.

There are gaming conferences and gaming exhibitions; then there is G2E. G2E is what Coca Cola is to soft drinks or McDonald’s is to hamburgers. G2E is a massive event; a who’s who of the gaming industry. Not only is it a chance for the heavyweights of the industry to do business and perhaps discuss their golf handicaps, it’s also a chance for anyone interested to see what the future of gaming across the globe holds.

There are no plans just yet to put a casino on the moon but if there were it would surely be discussed at G2E. G2E is a gaming expo, conference and training initiative that has become the biggest and most highly attended in the gaming-mad Asia Pacific region. Macau is the logical place to hold G2E Asia as not only is it the Asian epicenter of gaming, it is the world’s gaming capital and the place every industry person looks to for the latest and greatest in the gaming landscape. The fact that Macau possesses a huge amount of convention space doesn’t hurt either!

What does G2E mean to the average player who enjoys gaming and spending time in casinos?
G2E Asia showcases the gaming landscape players will enjoy in the future. Better games, better slots, anything and everything gaming is shown to the casinos and the best and most innovative ideas will find their way to the gaming floor.

Scheduled to take place at The Venetian in Macau from 21 to 23 May, there isn’t a lot you won’t find at G2E so let’s start from the top with the range of spectacular offerings from the leading e-gaming companies – all the new slots, e-gaming tables and dealing and shuffling advancements will be here in force. These have been the focus of most casinos when visiting G2E and will continue to be over the coming years. It’s not all slots and e-gaming though – if it has to do with gaming you can bet there will be exhibitors showcasing their improvements to the tried and tested games and equipment.

“In 2012 we proudly showcased 130 companies for a little over 5,900 square meters of exhibit space,” explains Event Director & General Manager of G2E Asia, Mike Johnson. “This year we’ve already confirmed 6,700 square meters of space and our team is still hard at work recruiting additional suppliers to join us. Those figures represent a 157 percent increase from our inaugural event in 2007 which speaks volumes to the size and scope of the industry and how fast things are expanding in this part of the world. Additionally, not only will this year’s show be dramatically larger, it will also feature a brand new layout designed to enhance navigation.”

Did you know?
G2E Asia is held annually in Macau and made its debut back in May of 2007. The original G2E concept was brought to reality by the American Gaming Association and was first held in Las Vegas in 2001. The American version, simply known as G2E, continues to be held annually in Vegas. This year’s G2E in Las Vegas is scheduled to be held from 23 to 26 September at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre.

Here are just a few things you can expect to find at this year’s show:

  • The latest and greatest in the world of slots.
  • New and exciting developments in e-gaming, from table games to the latest in virtual horse racing and more.
  • Stadium-style e-gaming facilities: how technology is bringing more options to players and making the most of limited floor space.
  • New creations in table games, how they are played and how they are going to be offered to the public.
  • The future of loyalty programs and how casinos will use this technology to reward players.
  • The tables you will see on the floors of the casinos of the future.
  • Shuffle machines that will speed up the game and increase gaming security.
  • What’s happening in the world of internet gaming.
  • Casino security and the changing world of protection for both players and casinos.
  • Money counting and administration advancements.

This list is just a taster but you get the drift – if it has anything to do with the gaming industry, it’s a safe bet you can find the cutting edge of technology at G2E.

Mary Mendoza, Managing Director at The Platinum Ltd marketing solutions, has seen G2E Asia boom over the last few years. Having worked and advised on both sides of the fence, she understands what G2E means from an industry perspective and for those trying to get their products onto the floors of leading Macau and Asian casinos.

“Having worked as a marketing and business development advisor for some of the gaming industry leaders, G2E is always mentioned as an essential conference to participate in,” Mendoza said. “G2E Asia shows us what gaming may look like in the future. The expo showcases new technologies and developments and has contributed to concepts of operational efficiency, increased player satisfaction and explained how to acquire new markets. Everyone in the industry understands the importance of this annual event.”

The many sides to G2E

G2E Asia is a series of events held every year under the one banner. The most well known is the exhibition component of the event, where over 150 of the world’s leaders in gaming technology will showcase what we will be seeing in casinos in the years to come.

The other major event at G2E is the conference that runs over three days with a host of experts from the gaming world discussing what is happening in the world of gaming, with a special emphasis on the Asian region.

As Mike Johnson explains, “One highlight will be our first ever ‘CFO Roundtable’ session featuring Hubert Wang from MGM Macau, Bob McBain from SJM, Ben Toh from Sands China and Bob Drake from Galaxy. Our popular ‘Global Markets Forum,’ covering regional updates from Asia’s hottest markets will also return, with dedicated sessions on the Philippines, Taiwan and of course Macau. We’ll also feature a number of additional topics carefully selected by the industry leaders on our Advisory Board, as well as strategic networking functions for Table Games, Electronic Games as well as our renowned Global Gaming Women event.”

Mobile APP
A conference of this magnitude wouldn’t be complete without its own mobile app. Download the G2E Asia mobile app to get everything you need to know about G2E Asia 2013 in the palm of your hand. Earmark the companies and people you need to engage with. Featuring an updated floor plan, exhibitors’ listings, product classifications and many other features, the G2E Asia mobile app will help you navigate the show on site. The app is available on the G2E website at

There is also a Gaming Management Certificate Program offered on 23 May and earlier that morning a Global Gaming Women at G2E Asia special. This is part of the ongoing commitment by the G2E brand to provide the latest in training as well as showcasing the latest products.

One of the speakers at this year’s Gaming Management Certificate Program is Dr Glenn McCartney, Assistant Professor of Gaming and Hospitality Management at the University of Macau. He will be facilitating a discussion entitled the “3 Chinese Characters That Drive Macao’s Gaming Success”.

“G2E addressed the gap in bringing together major stakeholders in the casino industry,” McCartney said, “and given the developments not just in Macau but in the region, such a forum is essential in not just presenting product information but in the sharing of information and expertise. There have been lessons learnt already in planning and operating successfully and responsibly for casino tourism development in Asia, so it’s good to see other features such as education, seminars and discussion forums for exchange and debate.”

Perhaps the most important aspect of G2E is the chance for people in the industry to get together to network. G2E is where deals are put on the table and contracts are negotiated. The big casinos and companies are looking for the latest and greatest products and those who think they have come up with a new industry innovation are looking for that one big contract that will catapult their business. This is one of the most exciting times in the gaming product development cycle as new concepts that help to change the face of the industry as we know it today will be presented and swooped upon.

WGM’s “must see” exhibitors at G2E Asia 2013

  1. Aristocrat (booth 417) – pop down to Aristocrat ‘s booth and say hello to our good friend David Punter for the latest in gaming developments.
  2. SHFL entertaınment (booth 801) – make sure you send a wave Ken Jolly’s way at the SHFL booth which promises to create plenty of interest if last year’s show is anything to go by!
  3. LT Game (booth 502) – Betty Zhao will be holding the fort at local Chinese manufacturer LT Game, a company with over 2,000 live dealer baccarat, roulette and sic bo units in operation in the Macau marketplace.
  4. IGT (booth 835) – don’t miss the IGT booth where you can pop in and see Sales Director for Asia Mark Michalko.
  5. High 5 Games – High 5 Games will have their games featured at Bally Tech (booth 235) and IGT (booth 835).

G2E Asia Visionary Award

G2E Asia awards its Asia Visionary award to recognize top-of-the-tree leaders without whom the Asian gaming market would not be what it is today. The past winners form a very small and elite club of just four people:

What’s on at the G2E Conference

One of the unique highlights of G2E Asia is the three-day conference which offers attendees an insight into the services and technologies that will be shaping the Asian gaming industry for years to come. The scheduled sessions will explore topics and latest developments relevant to global gaming, with an emphasis on the Asian region.

Day 1: Tuesday 21 May 2013

  • Growth Stream: Asia Pacific Overview – Explore how changes in jurisdictions across the region will affect the Asian gaming market as a whole.
  • Finding the Philippines: Manila’s Entertainment City Debuts – Learn about the challenges and opportunities of developing Manila’s first integrated resort.
  • Island Fever: Taiwan’s Steady Progress Toward Gaming – Understand the regulations and development plans of Taiwan’s offshore casinos.
  • Macau Update – Hear about the latest developments in the final phases of construction in Cotai, as well as what’s happening in nearby Hengqin Island and what it means for greater Macau.

Day 2: Wednesday 22 May 2013

  • Show Me The Money – CFO’s from Asia’s most prominent gaming companies will discuss the issues that impact the financial success of their properties.
  • The Chinese Consumer: Burgeoning Middle Class – Learn what Chinese consumers want from holiday and travel choices and how to capitalize on their rising discretionary spending.
  • Meet the Press: Outside Views of the Asian Gaming Market – Gaming industry journalists assess the current landscape and what the future holds for the world’s most rapidly expanding gaming market.
  • Gaming Technology Innovations – Learn about how the latest technologies are shaping and expanding the reach of table games and how casinos track and interact with customers in Asia.

Day 3: Thursday 23 May 2013

  • VIP vs Premium Mass Market: Growing a Healthy Mix – Find out why the growth of the mass market segment in Macau has overtaken that of the VIP market.
  • Building a Brand: What’s in a Name? – Learn about how the Asian casino player perceives brand value and the importance of creating new brands and sustaining established ones.
  • Mining the Baccarat Bonanza: A Baccarat Master Speaks – Explore the popularity of baccarat and discuss how the game aligns with the uniquely Chinese world view.