Sport American football

The NFL is here

Written by Big Jim

The wait for the NFL season is over. For true lovers of sport – and of sports betting – this is the weekend you’ve been looking forward to. And if you haven’t taken the time to study American Football, why not do it now? It is complicated and an acquired taste but well worth the effort.

NFL is a great sport to bet on because it is played at such a professional level. There are no theatrics here – it is win at all costs which creates great tension around handicap betting.

Let’s have a look at my top five futures bets. If you like to maintain an interest throughout the season then futures betting gives you plenty of bang for your buck. These are not my top five chances to go all the way but my top five value bets.

Atlanta Falcons – 16/1: Has to be the value bet of the season. This team was only a few points away from a Super Bowl last year with a depleted defense that will be back to full strength this year. Good coach, good quarterback and arguably the best receiving duo in the competition.

Denver Broncos – 7/1: Far from my favorite team but plenty to like about them. They were unlucky last year, are in a weak division, have Peyton Manning at quarterback and a solid defense. Clearly the best of the AFC teams.

Baltimore Ravens – 30/1: Reigning champions have a bad record in the NFL but there is no reason the Ravens can’t be up there again this year. They have lost some veterans but have traded well and still have the likes of Ray Rice, Terrell Suggs and Joe Flacco steering the ship. Their division is also weak.

San Francisco 49ers – 8/1: It’s going to be tougher for the 49ers to dominate like they did last year due to their tough division but they still remain the most dominant list in the competition along with the Broncos. It’s just the price and their tough road schedule that worries me.

Green Bay Packers – 15/1: I think they have a bad coach, questionable defense and are in the toughest division in football. But any team with Aaron Rogers can win the Super Bowl if things go his way.

Roughies: The Bengals and Redskins, both at 33/1, offer some value. Both should make it to the playoffs and from there anything can happen.

The Unknown: The New Orleans Saints at 20/1 welcome back their coach after suspension. Drew Brees is a gun so maybe they can find their mojo from a few years ago. The Indianapolis Colts and Andrew Luck at 40/1 will be trying to eliminate any second year blues and take the battle to the Texans in the Southern Division as they look to make it back to the playoffs.

Best Lays: The Patriots at 10/1 are relying on Tom Brady and if anything happens to him they won’t even make the playoffs. The Giants and Steelers, who are both around 25/1, seem too short for teams on the way out.