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View from the top

Written by Joseff Musa

WGM enjoyed one of the finest views in Macau while sampling the exceptional Cantonese flavors found at Altira’s Ying restaurant.

The key to experimenting with traditional Cantonese cooking and modern tastes is balancing the old and new without compromising long-established flavors. This is where Ying restaurant at Altira Macau in Taipa excels, providing its own unique take on classic Cantonese dishes.

Awarded one star in the Michelin Guide Hong Kong and Macau for 2017-2018 and four stars in the prestigious Forbes Travel Guide for three years running from 2015 to 2017, Ying offers an exceptional level of luxury dining.

A panoramic view of Macau’s harbor brings the experience to a whole new level with the restaurant located up high on the 11th floor. Walk in diners are accepted but it is advisable to book early if you want to secure the best seats in the house or in one of the seven private or three semi-private rooms that can accommodate up to 16 people.

Altira specializes in fine Cantonese cuisine as well as local delicacies and is headed by Executive Chef Li Mingang.

“The aesthetics of our dishes are pleasurable to the eyes while at the same time bringing ease to guests as they enjoy it,” Chef Li said.

WGM was invited for a food tasting and started with Ying’s twist on honey glazed pork. This signature dish is prepared and demonstrated right in front of your eyes with the chefs roasting succulent Iberico pork neck and shoulders over a lychee wood fire. Aside from the fragrant lychee wood, it also has the aroma of Chinese rose wine and rock salt which are used to fuel the fire. To finish, organic honey from New Zealand is used to coat the pork, giving it a refreshing sweetness that counterbalances the rich meat.

Double-boiled fish maw with sea conch and fresh fruit is next. Fresh pears, green apple and melon are paired with the collagen-rich fish maw before they are boiled together for three hours, producing a healthy yet sweet and rich soup.

For those seeking a kick of heat, Pan-fried mantis shrimp doesn’t disappoint. Served on a black coal plate, the large mantis shrimp from Thailand is deep fried and topped with sweet basil bits, egg and Thai chilies.

No Cantonese set lunch at Altira is complete without Steamed spot grouper. The fish, served with black fungus and cordycep flowers, is sweet with a touch of earthiness, an innovative twist on the traditional preparation method.

Braised tomato with mushroom and vegetables is created for veggie lovers. This healthy dish brings together tomato, bamboo pith, lily bulbs, sprouts and black fungus, all braised together for a refreshing sweetness.

Fried rice in lotus leaf features small cubes of shrimp, chicken, goose and Chinese mushrooms first fried with crabmeat and conpoy with rice, then wrapped in lotus leaf and steamed.