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Weekend hackers bluff their way into North Korean golf tournament

Written by Ben Blaschke

For most of us, the dream of becoming a professional athlete will be thwarted by our complete lack of talent.

But that didn’t stop two Australian men from convincing North Korean officials that they were elite golfers and gaining entry to the North Korean Amateur Golf Championships.

Morgan Ruig and Evan Shay decided to try their luck and sent an email to tournament organizers proclaiming to be part of an Australian golf and polo team touring throughout Asia. They even had blazers made up with an official looking emblem woven in so that they looked the part.

Incredibly, not only did organizers buy the pair’s story, they ensured the Australians were treated like royalty during their five day stay – providing fully escorted tours around Pyongyang and a prime suite in the city’s best hotel. Ruig and Shay even say they had drinks with the Swiss ambassador during their stay.

Unfortunately, their plan came unstuck when it came time to hit the golf course with the duo finishing second last ahead of only the Nepalese ambassador’s 15-year-old daughter.

“I think they saw through our story on the first tee … I stepped up and hit it straight into the drink,” Shay told Australia’s 10 Network.

Luckily, the pair escaped any censure and are now back in Australia planning their next adventure.