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Weekend preview – NFL special

Written by James Potter

Of the 32 teams in the NFL, only 12 remain and over the next few weeks we will have our NFC and AFC champions. These two champions will then fight it out for Super Bowl XLVII. All six teams in each conference are seeded from one through six with the top two seeds enjoying a bye in the first week of the playoffs. The Broncos (3/1), Patriots (4/1), 49ers (5/1) and the Falcons (7/1) will be taking the week off and are on top of the betting for the Super Bowl.

The Patriots and the 49ers were blessed to find themselves in this position after the Texans and the Packers lost their last games of the regular season. For this reason I’m going to make the Patriots and the 49ers my best two Super Bowl bets at this early stage. The best underdogs are the Green Bay Packers (8/1) and for a long odds bet get behind the Ravens (25/1).

Here is an outline of each of the upcoming games this week:

Cincinnati Bengals @ Houston Texans
The Texans shot themselves in the foot last weekend by throwing away the number one seed in the AFC. The only benefit is they might gain some confidence at home this weekend before they face sterner opposition. The Bengals lack the edge needed to win playoff games and are clearly the worst of the 12 teams remaining.
Take the Texans at -4

Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers
Green Bay suffered a heartbreaking defeat to the Vikings just days ago making their road to the Super Bowl much harder. However, redemption can be swift and this game will be held at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Adrian Peterson from the Vikings has had an amazing season, but a great running back is not going to beat the best quarterback in the league. The Packers still remain the best Super Bowl chance out of the eight teams playing this weekend. Take the Packers at -8.5

Indianapolis Colts @ Baltimore Ravens
This is the game I’m looking forward to most. Arguably the best rookie ever travels to meet one of the greatest defensive players of all time. Andrew Luck vs Ray Lewis is going to be one hell of a game! The Colts have stunned everyone this year in a season that couldn’t have gone better for them. The Ravens have been far from impressive as they have battled injury all year. I reckon the return of Ray Lewis this weekend will be the inspiration needed to get the Ravens over the line.
Take the Ravens at -6.5

Seattle Seahawks @ Washington Redskins
These two teams have played inspired football to make the playoffs and they will only get better in years to come. RG III got the job done for the Redskins in their must-win game against the Cowboys last week but he was clearly suffering from his leg injury. It may come down to how this freak of nature pulls up this week. When in doubt back the underdog, so let’s get behind the boys from Washington.
Take the Redskins at +3

Good luck and good punting.