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WGM Model Search I underway!

Written by Pai Yao

This article first appeared in the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of World Gaming magazine.

World Gaming is proud to announce our very first WGM Model Search! Over the years our readers have learnt they’ll be well rewarded by turning straight to WGM’s back cover each issue. We’ve decided 2013 is the year to start the search for our very own WGM Model, to act as an ambassador for WGM. And you get to help choose the winner!

In each of our six issues for 2013, we’ll feature three gorgeous contestants. You’ll be able to vote for your favorite on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/worldgamingmagazine, where you’ll find even more pictures of the girls. We’ll also have voting on Weibo later in the year. The winner of the vote at the end of the first month of the issue will be awarded a glamour photo shoot with WGM photographer, Kester Rey Senson Celestino, and be featured on the back cover of WGM’s next issue.

Throughout the year 18 lovely ladies will contest the model search, and after the year’s last issue is out, WGM will host a gala function where one of the lovely ladies will be crowned the first ever WGM Model and of course a WGM Ambassador for 2014. She’ll also be featured in the pages of WGM with her very own article and extensive photo shoot.

So head over to www.facebook.com/worldgamingmagazine, and make sure you like our Facebook page to receive pictures of the girls on your newsfeed and of course make sure you vote for your favorite!

Do you have what it takes to become the first ever WGM Model? Want to be one of the 18 lucky contestants? Visit www.wgm8.com and follow the links, or email [email protected].

Alicia 01


Alícia Daniels Araújo Sousa (Alicia)
Born Praia, Cape Verde
Resides Macau
Age 23
Height 173 cm
Eyes Dark brown
Occupation Student
Hobbies Reading magazines and news, watching movies, cooking, dancing
Likes Comedy, animals, sports, nature walks along quiet paths, taking photos
Dislikes People who abandon animals, cruelty and violence, global warming

Hair and makeup
: Rosemary Hoi
Senado Square region, Macau

Kooky 02


Kooky Ken Dela Cruz (Kooky)
Born Dagupan City, Philippines
Resides Macau
Age Please don’t say!
Height 173 cm
Eyes Dark brown
Occupation Senior Welcome Ambassador, Galaxy Macau
Hobbies Shopping and fashion are my passions, I love dressing up and making a statement whenever I go out.
Likes I like all the girly stuff, from make up to accessories, dresses and heels. I like dealing with all sorts of people, especially those who share my sense of humor.
Dislikes I dislike ambivalent people who lack direction. People who don’t know how to listen irritate me!

Kris_Tina 03


Kholopova Kristina (Kris_Tina)
Born: Dubinino, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Russia
Resides: Shenzhen, China
Age: 25
Height: 160 cm
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Dance teacher, choreographer and model
Hobbies: Dancing, learning languages
Likes: Sports, smart and interesting people
Dislikes: Fake people, liars, smoking

: One Central, Macau


Alicia 01, Kooky 02, Kris_Tina 03