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WGM Model Search I: we have our 18!

Written by Pai Yao

This article first appeared in the Nov/Dec 2013 issue of World Gaming magazine.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the winner of the Sep/Oct instalment of WGM’s Model Search I as Diana, who topped the voting with a massive 10,066 votes! Diana has won a glamour photo shoot with WGM and is featured on the back cover of this issue of WGM!

She joins Miss Kooky Dela Cruz, Miss Angelica Dizon, Miss Joan Tuazon and Miss Lindzee Seong as the contestants who were featured on the back cover of WGM in 2013.

Throughout 2013 we have featured three gorgeous contestants in each issue of WGM, including the lovely three contestants for the latest instalment in our search: Theresa, Jasmine and Christine. You can vote for your favorite via our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/worldgamingmagazine.

The winner of each vote is awarded a glamour photo shoot and featured on the back cover of WGM’s next issue.

With 18 stunning contestants having now been featured in WGM, we look forward to hosting our gala function at which one lady will be crowned the first ever WGM Model and become a WGM Ambassador in early 2014. She will also feature in the pages of WGM with her very own article and extensive photo shoot.

So head over to www.facebook.com/worldgamingmagazine and make sure you vote for your favorite!

Do you have what it takes to become a WGM Model? Want to be one of our 18 lucky contestants in 2014? Spaces fill up fast so hurry! Visit www.wgm8.com and follow the links to download an entry form or email [email protected]

Theresa 16
Name: Theresa Glory
Born: Purworejo, Indonesia
Resides: Macau
Age: 30
Height: 150cm
Eyes: Dark brown
Occupation: Freelance model
Hobbies: Watching movies and traveling.
Likes: Acting, filming and modeling.
Dislikes: Uncaring and unfriendly characters

Photographer: samuraiR Photography


Jasmine 17
Name: Jasmine W
Born: Japan
Resides: Hong Kong
Age: 23
Height: 170cm
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Model
Hobbies: Dancing, singing and backpacking.
Likes: Traveling, playing instruments, outdoor sports, cooking, laughing, partying and studying.
Dislikes: Lies, rude people, pollution and horror movies

Photographer: Kels Photography


Christine 18
Name: Christine Marquez (Christy)
Born: Makati City, Philippines
Resides: Philippines
Age: 25
Height: 168cm
Eyes: Dark brown
Occupation: Operations Executive and Freelance Model
Hobbies: Reading, cooking, watching movies, badminton and shopping.
Likes: Traveling, collecting shoes and decorating my home. Trustworthy and optimistic people.
Dislikes: Racism, stubborness, hypocrisy and cheating.

Photographer: Vince Corpus

Theresa 16, Jasmine 17, Christine 18

Theresa 16, Jasmine 17, Christine 18