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World Cup match schedule

Written by Pai Yao

This article first appeared in the May/Jun 2010 issue of World Gaming magazine.


The official mascot for the 2010 FIFA World Cup is Zakumi, who is a leopard with green hair, and his colours are the same as the South African playing strip.

He was born on 16 June 1994 (he will turn 16 during the World Cup), and his birth date coincides with a day known and celebrated as Youth Day in South Africa, which this year falls on the same day as the home team’s second group match.

The year 1994 saw the first non-racial nationwide elections in South Africa. Zakumi’s official motto is: “Zakumi’s game is Fair Play.”

I bet they wish they had Pai Yao instead, but World Gaming refused to release our mascot for World Cup duties.

Match Date Time Venue Group
1 11-Jun 16:00 J’burg (Soccer City) A SOUTH AFRICA vs MEXICO
2 11-Jun 20:30 Cape Town A URUGUAY vs FRANCE
3 12-Jun 16:00 J’burg (Ellis Park) B ARGENTINA vs NIGERIA
4 12-Jun 13:30 Port Elizabeth B KOREA REP vs GREECE
5 12-Jun 20:30 Rustenburg C ENGLAND vs USA
6 13-Jun 13:30 Polokwane C ALGERIA vs SLOVENIA
7 13-Jun 20:30 Durban D GERMANY vs AUSTRALIA
8 13-Jun 16:00 Pretoria D SERBIA vs GHANA
9 14-Jun 13:30 J’burg (Soccer City) E NETHERLANDS vs DENMARK
10 14-Jun 16:00 Bloemfontein E JAPAN vs CAMEROON
11 14-Jun 20:30 Cape Town F ITALY vs PARAGUAY
12 15-Jun 13:30 Rustenburg F NEW ZEALAND vs SLOVAKIA
13 15-Jun 16:00 Port Elizabeth G IVORY COAST vs PORTUGAL
14 15-Jun 20:30 J’burg (Ellis Park) G BRAZIL vs DPR KOREA
15 16-Jun 13:30 Nelspruit H HONDURAS vs CHILE
16 16-Jun 16:00 Durban H SPAIN vs SWITZERLAND
17 16-Jun 20:30 Pretoria A SOUTH AFRICA vs URUGUAY
18 17-Jun 20:30 Polokwane A FRANCE vs MEXICO
19 17-Jun 16:00 Bloemfontein B GREECE vs NIGERIA
20 17-Jun 13:30 J’burg (Soccer City) B ARGENTINA vs KOREA REP
21 18-Jun 13:30 Port Elizabeth D GERMANY vs SERBIA
22 18-Jun 16:00 J’burg (Ellis Park) C SLOVENIA vs USA
23 18-Jun 20:30 Cape Town C ENGLAND vs ALGERIA
24 19-Jun 16:00 Rustenburg D GHANA vs AUSTRALIA
25 19-Jun 13:30 Durban E NETHERLANDS vs JAPAN
26 19-Jun 20:30 Pretoria E CAMEROON vs DENMARK
27 20-Jun 13:30 Bloemfontein F SLOVAKIA vs PARAGUAY
28 20-Jun 16:00 Nelspruit F ITALY vs NEW ZEALAND
29 20-Jun 20:30 J’burg (Soccer City) G BRAZIL vs IVORY COAST
30 21-Jun 13:30 Cape Town G PORTUGAL vs DPR KOREA
31 21-Jun 16:00 Port Elizabeth H CHILE vs SWITZERLAND
32 21-Jun 20:30 J’burg (Ellis Park) H SPAIN vs HONDURAS
33 22-Jun 16:00 Rustenburg A MEXICO vs URUGUAY
34 22-Jun 16:00 Bloemfontein A FRANCE vs SOUTH AFRICA
35 22-Jun 20:30 Durban B NIGERIA vs KOREA REP
36 22-Jun 20:30 Polokwane B GREECE vs ARGENTINA
37 23-Jun 16:00 Port Elizabeth C SLOVENIA vs ENGLAND
38 23-Jun 16:00 Pretoria C USA vs ALGERIA
39 23-Jun 20:30 J’burg (Soccer City) D GHANA vs GERMANY
40 23-Jun 20:30 Nelspruit D AUSTRALIA vs SERBIA
41 24-Jun 16:00 J’burg (Ellis Park) F SLOVAKIA vs ITALY
42 24-Jun 16:00 Polokwane F PARAGUAY vs NEW ZEALAND
43 24-Jun 20:30 Rustenburg E DENMARK vs JAPAN
44 24-Jun 20:30 Cape Town E CAMEROON vs NETHERLANDS
45 25-Jun 16:00 Durban G PORTUGAL vs BRAZIL
46 25-Jun 16:00 Nelspruit G DPR KOREA vs IVORY COAST
47 25-Jun 20:30 Pretoria H CHILE vs SPAIN
48 25-Jun 20:30 Bloemfontein H SWITZERLAND vs HONDURAS


Match Date Time Venue Group
49 26-Jun 16:00 Port Elizabeth Rnd of 16 Group A winner vs Group B second
50 26-Jun 20:30 Rustenburg Rnd of 16 Group C winner vs Group D second
51 27-Jun 16:00 Bloemfontein Rnd of 16 Group D winner vs Group C second
52 27-Jun 20:30 J’burg (Soccer City) Rnd of 16 Group B winner vs Group A second
53 28-Jun 16:00 Durban Rnd of 16 Group E winner vs Group F second
54 28-Jun 20:30 J’burg (Ellis Park) Rnd of 16 Group G winner vs Group H second
55 29-Jun 16:00 Pretoria Rnd of 16 Group F winner vs Group E second
56 29-Jun 20:30 Cape Town Rnd of 16 Group H winner vs Group G second
57 2-Jul 16:00 Port Elizabeth Qtr Final Game 53 winner vs Game 54 winner
58 2-Jul 20:30 J’burg (Soccer City) Qtr Final Game 49 winner vs Game 50 winner
59 3-Jul 16:00 Cape Town Qtr Final Game 52 winner vs Game 51 winner
60 3-Jul 20:30 J’burg (Ellis Park) Qtr Final Game 55 winner vs Game 56 winner
61 6-Jul 20:30 Cape Town Semi Final Game 58 winner vs Game 57 winner
62 7-Jul 20:30 Durban Semi Final Game 59 winner vs Game 60 winner
63 10-Jul 20:30 Port Elizabeth 3rd place Game 61 loser vs Game 62 loser
64 11-Jul 20:30 J’burg (Soccer City) Final Game 61 winner vs Game 62 winner