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Wynn Palace doubles its Dragon 7 baccarat quota

Written by Ben Blaschke

Wynn Palace is set to more than double its quota of Dragon 7 baccarat tables after the revolutionary game proved to be one of its strongest performers during the first two weeks of operation.

Steve Wynn’s US$4.2 billion Cotai property opened its doors to the public on 22 August with five Dragon 7 tables on the main gaming floor. That number will rise to 11 this month.

Also known as EZ Baccarat, the game is a form of no-commission baccarat that removes commission completely with all Banker wins paid in full except when Banker makes a three card total of 7, which becomes a push.

The game provides the lowest house edge of any baccarat variant at just 1.02 percent on Banker bets but also allows more hands to be played each hour because the dealer never has to calculate and charge commission on a winning bet.

“When the casino opened, it started with five and it’s been such a hit they are adding more. The game is fitting nicely into Wynn Palace’s mass market strategy,” said a Dragon 7 spokesperson.