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From the Editor’s Desk (#47)

Macau’s gaming industry has thrived on being inno-vative and adapting to its unique place in the world.

Of course, when we talk innovation we tend to think about new ideas and inventions, but as I recently discovered in-novation comes in many shapes and sizes.

Jai Alai, for example, has created a real buzz on its casi-no floor by bringing back a game popular in Macau many de-cades ago. The “hanging basket” game was originally created to give VIP players their own special area – one floor above everyone else – from which to relax and place their bets.

Although the upper level is no longer reserved for VIPs, Jai Alai has rekindled the spirit of the game by in-stalling two Fantan tables that can be played on either the lower or upper level with a basket used to place bets and deliver winnings to those players seated above.

It’s a great concept and the perfect example of how thinking outside the square is the best way to stand out from the crowd.


Ben Blaschke