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From the CEO (#10)

Written by Andrew W Scott

It’s here! To characterise the opening of the shiny new Galaxy Macau mega resort at Cotai as merely ‘highly anticipated’ is totally inadequate. Like a small child counting the days until he receives his present of a lifetime, Macau has been counting the days to the grand opening of the new jewel in the Galaxy Entertainment Group’s crown.

Galaxy Macau’s opening finally completes the triumvirate we all knew Cotai would become for this next phase of the post-Stanley Ho monopolised Macau. First we had the Venetian, but everyone knew what the Venetian would be: a virtual brick-for-brick clone of the (admittedly high impressive) Venetian in Las Vegas. For a sequel we had City of Dreams, but just like many movie sequels it offered so much but hasn’t been, well, quite what it could have been. The one everyone was watching was Galaxy Macau. Would it live up to the hype? Could Galaxy Entertainment pull a rabbit out of the hat?

I can answer that question for you right here and right now: yes!

Five weeks before Galaxy Macau’s grand opening, I had the privilege to walk the property with the Vice Chairman of Galaxy Entertainment Group, Mr Francis Lui. I’ve visited some 200 casinos all over the world since I set foot in my first way back in 1986. And I can honestly say Galaxy Macau is in the top handful. It might even be the best. Any place that has the audacity to create a 43,000 square foot sky wave pool (in other words a sea in the air!) and then for good measure dump 350 tons of white sand next to it to create a beach fit for 1,000 people has got my attention!

Mr Lui also graciously granted WGM an in-depth interview, which you’ll find on the very next page. Immediately after that is most detailed description you’ll find anywhere of everything to see and do at Galaxy Macau: hotels, gaming, all the restaurants, bars, lounges, wine, nightlife, spas, cinemas and of course the many pools and party areas and that mind-blowing grand resort deck with its beach in the sky. WGM has everything you need to know.

Oh yeah, then we have the rest of the magazine too…

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