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From the CEO (#13)

Written by Andrew W Scott

One of the best things about being CEO of World Gaming is that I get to interview some very famous people. I recently took the long journey all the way from Macau to Los Angeles to interview a man who has forged himself into publishing immortality over the last 58 years, the legend himself, Mr Hugh Hefner.

In today’s transient world where brands come and go and fortunes are made and lost overnight, Hefner’s Playboy brand stands as the world’s most recognised men’s lifestyle brand, close to entering its seventh decade! Playboy is particularly well known in China as a top men’s fashion brand. To have the honour and privilege of interviewing Mr Hefner at his home, the world-famous Playboy Mansion, is something I will never forget. Turn to page 8 for a peek inside Hef’s world.

Also very exciting this issue is the announcement of our trial free subscription. Some people may think we’ve gone crazy, but for a limited time we’ve decided to offer our readers a free 12 month subscription, no strings attached. All you need to do is visit, tell us your name, email and street address and we’ll send you World Gaming for a whole year without it costing you a cent! But do it quickly because this offer could end anytime.

This issue also marks two years of World Gaming magazine. Our parties have quickly become a Macau institution and you can win a double pass to our 2nd birthday party in Macau on Friday 9 December. Just turn to page 38 for more details.

Many of you have visited our website over the last two years. It’s been a great repository for the 14 issues and 222 articles we’ve created since November 2009, but to date it’s been little more than that. We’ve always dreamt of making Asia’s greatest gaming portal, with an interactive community, lots of giveaways, promotions and prizes, up to the minute news and articles, a tip of the day, videos of gaming-related content, the latest on the tournament poker circuit, daily football and other sports betting tips, and profiles of all your favourite casinos, hotels, restaurants and other businesses in casino towns – with our members’ comments on all of it! Well, we’ve finally done it! The all-new will be launched on the evening of December 9, at our second birthday party. We’d love you to join up as a member and start posting and sharing and mostly importantly winning! Instead of getting your fix of WGM once every two months, we’ll be posting new content to every single day.

Until next issue, follow that dragon!
Andrew W Scott