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From the CEO (#23)

Written by Andrew W Scott

It’s been a very busy time at WGM – we’ve expanded by appointing a new Managing Editor and a bunch of new Macau-based staff. The whole team has been working hard on expanding our writing both in WGM and on our website We’re covering more topics than ever before.

Take this issue of WGM for example. One minute we’re talking about the latest slot machines, the next we’re voting on gorgeous girls, then it’s Asia’s biggest gaming industry exhibition and conference, suddenly we’re all about partying in Macau, then we’re on to networked mahjong gaming in darkened Hong Kong parlors, followed by an analysis of the EPL’s woes in Europe, before moving on to the rise of Asian poker and finally none other than “Big George” Foreman! What a buffet of information and entertainment!

Speaking of “Big George” Foreman, it was an absolute honor, pleasure and delight to have the opportunity to interview someone that as a kid seemed as far away as Superman or maybe Santa Claus. “Big George” is famous on so many levels I won’t even begin to describe it – he’s simply a cultural icon of the 20th century. It was wonderful to have such an engaging interview with him and to discover that despite the legend, he is just a man, and a damn friendly one at that! Turn to page 32 to read the interview that will definitely go down as a highlight of my journalistic career.

It’s G2E time, and for those of you who don’t know that means it’s simply time for the gaming industry to explore all that might be coming up in the future. New games, new machines and new ideas. You need only turn one page over to learn more.

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