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From the CEO (#5)

Written by Andrew W Scott

Our Editor-in-Chief James Potter has done it again! Backing up from our huge World Cup special issue which hit the streets just under a month ago, James has put together what
surely has to be our best magazine yet!

This issue surely does live up to World Gaming ‘s motto: “The Secrets of Winning”.

You hold in your hand a magazine which could make you thousands, if not millions, of dollars in your future betting. Our cover story “Top Secret: What the casinos don’t want you
to know” holds the key five secrets of no less than eight very different forms of betting that we all know and love, including baccarat and other casino games, football and other sports betting, and of course everyone’s game-of-the-moment, poker. These 40 secrets represent the fundamental starting point for smart gambling, and represent some of the fundamental knowledge of our contributors. Believe it or not the World Gaming team holds well over 200 years of winning gaming experience between them.

As if all that wasn’t enough, we have a host of other content for you: articles on baccarat, blackjack, craps and roulette. Outside the casino we tell you about mahjong and start our
series on backgammon, and we have plenty on sports including the dragon boat racing, an annual tradition in Macau. As usual poker gets a run with stories from PokerStars Macau and the Venetian poker room, and The Panda has been munching on bamboo shoots again. Finally we report on those hot Playboy bunnies frolicking at the Playboy 50th anniversary
party in Macau. Nothing like seeing a bunny frolic!

We’ve been working feverously on the new World Gaming website:

We’d love you to go sign up there because soon we’ll be running giveaways and competitions, and some of them will only be for our earliest signed-up members. Go sign up and let the rewards come rolling in. You’ll see our website grow and improve over the coming months.

So sit back, relax, light up a cigar, pour that cognac, and turn the page. Enjoy!

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Andrew W Scott