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From the CEO (#7)

Andrew W Scott
Written by Andrew W Scott

Can you believe it’s that time already? It only feels like a month or two since we were putting out our Chinese New Year special, but Macau is already hotting up for the November Grand Prix.

Amazingly this will be the 57th year in a row Macau has held its Grand Prix – imagine the changes in the streets and casinos lining the track! Of all the GP stories over the years who could forget the high drama in 1990 when Michael Schumacher tangled with Mika Häkkinen on the home straight of the final lap, with Schumaker’s damaged car limping over the line to claim victory in highly controversial circumstances. Who knows what this year’s race will bring…

Aside from the roar of the cars we have plenty of material for the player in you: we start our series on how to win a baccarat tournament, continue our popular articles on craps (we’re already up to part E of the series!), have a profile on EPL team Arsenal from their number one fan in Asia, and visit the Metro Card Club in Manila. The Dragon has a secret meeting with a high-ranking casino executive, we talk slot machine history, roulette wheels, and wrap up the world-class Macau Tennis Showdown we were treated to last month.

We check out exploding fireworks (are there any other kind?) and the Panda decides to casually slurp some noodles. For those of you that need a bit more adrenaline rushing through your veins we take a trip to D2, surely Macau’s best-known club.

Poker fans are not ignored: we visit the APT in Macau and wrap up those poker players you love to hate – poker’s dirty dozen!

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And I’m sure we’ll be seeing some of you in the flesh in Macau on 10 December for our first birthday party!

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