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From the CEO (#8)

Andrew W Scott
Written by Andrew W Scott

It was a sad day in 1991 when the world’s last remaining Playboy Club, in the Silahis International Hotel in Manila, closed its doors after a 31 year history of Playboy clubs around the globe. But 19 years later, the Bunnies are back! Playboy is enjoying a resurgence of popularity in the 21st century led by Hugh Hefner’s starring reality TV roles, its flagship Playboy Club at the white hot Palms casino in Las Vegas, and a fresh new vision for the company. Macau is the perfect place for Playboy, one of the world’s most recognisable and enduring brands.

It seems to be the time for grand openings in Macau, because we also report on The Dragon’s visit to the newly opened Grand Waldo spa. This magnificent facility claims to be the best family spa in town, and it is hard to disagree. You’ll almost feel the soothing hands of an invisible masseuse kneading your shoulders as you read The Dragon’s account of his feast of indulgent relaxation.

On the theme of indulgent relaxation, who doesn’t love a round of golf in beautiful natural surroundings? We take a visit to Ceasars Golf course in Macau and learn of one of Asia’s hidden gems. To top it all off, of course we’ve got all the usual news, reviews and tricks of the trade for baccarat, craps, mahjong, football, poker and a while lot more. We wrap all that up with some fine French cuisine in Manila of all places. Yum!

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