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From the editor #50

There is always a lot going on beneath the surface in Macau. To the outside world, from where I originated, the city is dominated by the glitz and glam of its plethora of integrated resorts and casinos, but there’s much more to it once you dig a little deeper.

I spent many hours walking Macau’s streets during my early years here, discovering dozens of restaurants and bars and unique shops I would never have known about otherwise. Many of these are still among my favorites to this day. As it turns out, Macau also has a thriving eSports scene bubbling away beneath the surface and has started to make a name for itself on the international scene over the past year or so. Notably, Macau and Hong Kong have now joined forces to produce our first ever all-female eSports team, one of a number of teams taking part in the inaugural Girl Gamer 2017 eSports Festival at Studio City in early September.

If, like us, you’re keen to find out more, WGM introduces them in this very issue. Along with the recently opened Macau Roosevelt Hotel featured on the cover, it shows there is always something new and exciting happening in this intriguing city.

Ben Blaschke