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From the editor #52

Given the enormous facelift that Macau has experienced over the past 15 years, one can’t help but wonder what the city will look like in another 15. As it turns out, we now have at least some idea about Macau’s future after the government released its Macao Tourism Industry Development Master Plan in late September.

The plan provides a detailed blueprint for the development of Macau’s tourism industry in the next 15 years aimed at turning Macau into a World Centre of Tourism and Leisure.

While gaming will always form a key component of Macau’s economy and entertainment offerings, the Macao Tourism Industry Development Master Plan focuses more on non-gaming diversification including a “distinctive” family-friendly theme park and better utilization of Macau’s surrounding seas via water sports, yachting and sightseeing boat trips. It also reveals plans to develop a world-class, multi-use complex for conferences and exhibitions and to construct an iconic cultural district with unique landmarks “incorporating with other public amenities and spaces such as waterfront green areas and parks to showcase a unique city image and provide a brand new recreational area to visitors and residents.”

It’s a fascinating glimpse into a new-look Macau of the future – one I can’t wait to see come to life.

Ben Blaschke