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Good Food Guide: Irish Coffee House

Written by The Panda

As the legend goes, a bartender fell in love with a flight attendant and blended whiskey into a cup of hot coffee for her. He had waited a full year, but when she eventually tried her special “Irish Coffee” she loved it very much. “Irish Coffee” not only hides a touching love story, it has also become one of Ireland’s national labels.

Bring your loved ones to the Irish Coffee House, order a cup of traditional Irish coffee or Bailey’s Irish coffee and see if you can also feel this deep love. In addition to coffee, this coffee house provides tea from the award-winning tea company “Punjana”, imported directly from Ireland, including classic Irish tea, Earl Grey with Flowers, Organic Apple and Mint and plenty more. As far as the food is concerned, I recommend the Irish Stew Braised Beef or Mutton with mashed potato or bread. It is so delicious I doubt there will even be a hint of sauce left on your plate!

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Address Rua de Coimbra No.131 Taipa
+853 2884 4500
Open 11:00 to 21:00 daily