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Good Food Guide: Takumi Ramen

Written by The Panda

Following on from the constant emergence of coffee shops, lots of Japanese noodle shops have opened in Macau. One, which I stumbled upon by accident, is called Takumi Ramen. It’s small in size and only supplies three types of signature noodles, but the taste and chewiness of the noodles, the thickness of the soup and additions such as mashed garlic and shredded onion can all be adjusted according to the customers’ preference. You can also ask to add other ingredients for an extra charge. I really like the noodles here. They are nice and chewy and the roast pork is very tasty, with a good combination of fat and lean meat. As for the soup, I tried the seafood one.

I thought the flavor was slightly weak and it wasn’t hot enough but even though the soup could be improved, the dish as a whole was worth trying. I was told there used to be a poster on the wall reading “available while stocks last”, but I didn’t see it that day. The staff told me they now supply unlimited noodles to their customers every day, so there is no need to worry!

Good Food Guide
Address Patio da Barca, No. 0-12, Edif. Fung Yu,
Loja A, Macau
Telephone +853 6689 1559
Open 12:00 to 15:00 and 18:00 to 22:00