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Good Food Guide: Yu Noodles

Written by The Panda

Savvy consumers aren’t just satisfied by taste when they eat out these days, they also insist their food be wholesome. Yu Noodles pushes these two points to the extreme. Its noodles are renowned for being healthy and although cooked using Chinese methods there is no MSG. The noodle soups are all the chef’s own recipes. The noodles are tasty and chewy and the soup cooked specifically for each kind of noodle. In fact, each type of noodle has special features of its own beyond any previous notions you had on what a noodle can be. We recommend the Spanish Elbow Noodles.

The elbow is from the Bellota Iberico calf which has harder skin and more tendon. There are no preservatives and the rich ham flavor comes without the “bad oil taste” of some other hams. The French Shrimp Noodles Soup involves the special cooking combination of dried shrimp and green onions, which brings out the flavor of shrimp and is thick but not salty. We also love the chicken feet stewed with gravy as a snack. The owner chooses the fresh chicken feet and stews them for three hours with Spanish Bellota Iberico ham every day. It is a memorable treat.

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