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Macau hosts Bruce Lee exhibition

Written by Ben Blaschke

Martial arts fans are in for a huge treat over the coming weeks with the Bruce Lee Foundation joining forces with Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot to present the “Legend Never Dies: Bruce Lee 75th anniversary Memorial Exhibition” at Macau’s Studio City.

Running through this week until 25 January 2016, the exhibition celebrates the martial arts icon’s 75th birthday which passed on 27 November 2015. Divided into two parts, it includes a “Retrospective of movies and treasures of Bruce Lee” featuring five sets of iconic Bruce Lee pieces provided by the foundation – his tang-style kung fu jacket recalling his silhouette of grandmaster; his personal copy of the “Way of the Dragon” script; “The Game of Death” script cover; the life mask of Kato in “The Green Hornet”; and the name card of Bruce Lee Martial Art Studio in which Jeet Kune Do’s philosophy was carried forward.

The exhibition also features an interactive glass mirror gallery inspired by the glass mirror room in the “Enter the Dragon” movie. It is open from 10:30 to 23:00 Sunday to Thursday and 10:30 to 00:00 Friday to Saturday at Times Square Macau at Studio City.