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Macau missing huge sportsbook opportunity

Ben Blaschke
Written by Ben Blaschke

Macau’s properties won’t truly be able to call themselves integrated resorts until they are granted the opportunity to operate their own sports books. That’s the opinion of sports betting experts John J English and Randy Haynes who believe Macau is missing a huge opportunity under current regulations which sees Macau Slot Co Ltd holding a monopoly through to at least 2021.

Speaking at the iGaming Asia Congress being held at the Grand Hyatt at City of Dreams this week, English said Macau was costing itself customers by failing to offer genuine sports betting opportunities.

“If you haven’t got a sportsbook, how can you call yourself an integrated resort?” said Haynes, currently Senior Advisor for gaming technology provider Miomni. “For the operators here in Macau, sure it’s great to be able to get people through the doors but if you don’t have a sportsbook you’re overlooking something.

“Sport is passion. Most people that come through the doors are going to like at least one sport and having an opportunity to watch that sport and perhaps bet on it increases their experience. Without providing the opportunity to enjoy that experience then you’re not really an ‘integrated’ resort.”

“A casino operator without a sportsbook is like a car with three wheels,” said WEBE Gaming President English. “If people want to experience it and you don’t have it, they will go somewhere else. In Las Vegas, if you don’t have a sportsbook when a customer wants to watch a game you can say goodbye to that customer.”