Perfect cut

Written by Ben Blaschke

This article first appeared in the July 2017 issue of WGM.

The new location of 2Legit barbershop is hard to miss. I walked five minutes from Tap Seac Square before seeing the traditional red and white spiral logo. While the all-white subway tiles lend the shop a vintage air, the concrete floor adds some edge. To complete the look, there are traditional black-and-chrome barber chairs, straight out of Sweeney Todd. On the top  floor, adding to the shop’s cool factor, guests can get “inked” by a pair of specialist tattooists. If I were a man, I would be in no doubt – this is the place to come for a trim, a hot shave or a really cool haircut.

Though not the only barber in town, 2Legit is perhaps the most accessible and in tune with the times. Visitors can book in advance quickly and easily – and are encouraged to do so – through the company’s website. Most of the barbers speak three languages, helping them to bond with the clientele – something that co-founder and barber Rocklee says is a must: “Clients come here to vent as much as for a haircut”.

Entering the shop feels like stepping into a different dimension. Co-founders Rocklee and Fernando went to great lengths to ensure everything feels luxurious yet casual enough to make you comfortable. The upstairs area is dedicated to tattooing and features Rocklee’s Chair, a vintage barber chair he restored with love.

The now fulltime barber started small.

“I started cutting hair in my home. I had just one chair and used to do it in my spare time, after work,” Rocklee recalls. Through their “new-old-school” experience, the partners aim to offer the highest possible quality of service. Visitors to the shop can enjoy a beard trim from MOP$200, a haircut from MOP$260 or a hot shave for the same price. A full package – inclusive of hair wash – costs MOP$450. Ladies are welcome too, although the partners will remind you that they specialize in short hair.

Guests will not be disappointed in what is essentially a unique experience in town. The shop’s hip hop vibe is undeniable, but they assure us everyone is welcome. Good enough reason to try it then, next time you need a shave.