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Studio City to help “Cook Up A Storm”

Written by Ben Blaschke

Studio City’s billing as the Hollywood of the East is gaining momentum after the property was selected as a key location for upcoming 4D movie “Cook Up A Storm.”

Building on the success of “Chef Nic” – a food travelogue reality program starring Nicholas Tse and featuring a different celebrity guests each episode – the story is built around a dramatic contest among international Michelin-starred chefs.

[b]Chef Tam Kwok Fung cooks with leading cast members Nicholas Tse and Jung Yong Hwa yesterday[/b]

The main cast, including Nicholas Tse, Jung Yong Hwa, Ge You, Michelle Bai, Anthony Wong Chau Sang and Tiffany Tang Yan arrived in Foshan over the weekend to begin filming before the entire crew moves to Studio City to begin work on key scenes.

Director Raymond Yip Wai-man said, “The movie is made to celebrate the talents in the culinary world. It is a story about a true culinary journey and the love between family and friends. Besides connecting with the real Michelin-starred chefs and restaurants, we had to find an iconic destination that is capable of touching people’s heart and is also memorable to them.”

Lead actor Nicholas Tse also teamed up with Chef Tam Kwok Fung, Director of Culinary Operations of Melco Crown Entertainment, for a live cooking demonstration yesterday which saw the pair cook one of the signature dishes of Studio City restaurant Pearl Dragon.

Casting for the film remains open to all with a recruitment program starting on 10 May whereby all interested individuals can join the casting competition at Studio City’s official Weibo account.