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Ben Blaschke
Written by Ben Blaschke

The new “Dream” iMac Pro

Announcing its latest iMac Pro, Apple described it as “a lean, mean dream machine” and the most powerful in the series, with a brand new Space Grey color and a 5K display as standard.

Fast enough for serious work

The new iMac Pro offers up to 4TB of high-performance all-Flash storage, allowing users to work on large 4K and HD projects regardless of codec. And with throughput of up to 3GB/s, loading large files and launching apps is unprecedentedly faster.

As you’d expect from a pro machine, there are plenty of high-speed ports, making it a high-performance workstation. For starters, the four Thunderbolt 3 ports mean that you can connect to two 5K monitors – a whopping 44 million pixels in total – and transfer data at a blazing 40GB/s. Unexpectedly, perhaps, iMac Pro comes with 10GB Ethernet, making file sharing between desktops or working with high- performance network storage up to 10 times faster.

An iMac with 8 cores is remarkable enough, but an available maximum of 18 cores makes this an entirely distinct species. Turbo Boost speeds of up to 4.5GHz add power and flexibility, balancing superb multicore processing with great single-thread performance.


Retina 5K display and more

An iMac is expected to have a gorgeous display, but the newest model offers even more: a 27-inch screen with a dazzling 500 nits of brightness across its 14.7 million pixels. Along with a P3 color gamut and support for over 1 billion colors, the iMac Pro delivers spectacular true-to-life images with support for 10-bit spatial and temporal dithering.

The iMac Pro also debuts a new graphics chip. The Radeon Pro Vega is more than three times faster than any previous iMac GPU, packing the power of a double-wide graphics card into a single chip. This translates into higher frame rates for VR, real-time 3D rendering, more lifelike special effects and gameplay at max settings. For all these reasons, the iMac Pro is power incarnate.

The device will be available in December this year, with prices starting from US$4,999.

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