Tech #49

Written by Joseff Musa

Back in black

Blackberry is making a comeback with its new KEYone giving today’s smartphone rivals a run for their money.

Blackberry, dubbed the businessman’s phone, is making a huge comeback to the world of smart phones. Launched in June, Blackberry’s latest smartphone is a return to the world of old school keypads. The Blackberry KEYone o ers a distinctive smartphone experience with its sophisticated design, powerful 12 megapixel rear and eight megapixel front camera, detailed display and other state of the art features.

Tucked into an anodized aluminum frame and soft- touch textured back, the new smartphone features a 4.5-inch display that offers greater impact and scratch resistance. KEYone is the first smartphone to provide the security of a fingerprint sensor built directly into the keyboard’s spacebar for added functionality.

The device’s “Smart Keyboard” responds to touch gestures, an upgrade to the brand’s signature trackpad feature, making web browsing, reading emails and writing messages with flick-typing a much smoother and more intuitive experience. It can also be easily programmed to launch up to 52 customizable shortcuts, such as pressing “I” for inbox or “M” to access maps.

As a part of the Blackberry’s new series of smartphones, the KEYone runs Android 7.1 as its software, giving users access to the entire Google Play store and apps plus the ability to receive Google security patch updates. It also comes loaded with Blackberry hub, consolidating all messages from any social media account, phone texts and emails.

The Blackberry KEYone offers the most secure Android Smartphone experience with its DTEK by Blackberry feature, sending notifications and alerts when your privacy or security might be at risk. This security application monitors other apps on the device, like camera usage, sending of text messages and accessing personal contacts and locations.

But the most important feature of Blackberry KEYone is its extra-long battery life. With a 3505 mAh battery, it is the largest Blackberry device to receive up to 50% charge in just 36 minutes – making it a standout over other smart phone batteries in the market.